I was born in a round adobe house in Talpa, and have lived in Taos almost all my life. I moved away for seven years, where I lived in Texas and worked in the banking industry. I ran an office with 450 people reporting to me. I moved back to Taos in 2011 to seek a better quality of life centered on the outdoors.

I saw a community still struggling with the same challenges that existed when I was growing up here: a lack of economic opportunity, high cost of living coupled with low wages, and a lack of vision among our elected officials. I started attending council meetings and working with political campaigns in the area. I then decided to run for office and was elected to the Taos Town Council in March 2016.

With my experience in successfully managing a large organization and group of people, and my educational background in Political Science, I understand how government needs to work. I've also seen firsthand how it does work, and that's why we need a change. I've been the consistent voice for higher wages, economic diversification, new opportunities and activities for our youth, transparency, and a better public process. As the progressive candidate for mayor, I want to see us grow sustainably while preserving our land, water, heritage, and traditions.

I am working today to make sure that the Taos of tomorrow will offer opportunities for all. I have two sons and every decision I make is for their generation's future. As an avid skier, fisher, hiker, and all-around outdoorsman, I value our natural resources and want our next generation to experience a pristine natural environment. I also want them to know that they can find in our community a diverse choice of jobs and opportunities that I did not have growing up here.